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Mellankontroll med hjärt/kärlfokus Executive Health lanserar nu en ny mindre screeningundersökning med fokus på hjärta och kärl. Undersökningen tar knappt 2 timmar och är perfekt att göra för dig som inte gjort premiumscreeningen de senaste tre åren men vill göra en fokuserad hjärtkontroll. Denna mellankontroll inkluderar ultraljud av kärlen, arbetsprov, blodprov och läkarsamtal. Förutom 6 [...]

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The importance of micronutrients for metabolic health


Most people have heard of the saying, “You are what you eat” but not many of us have looked deeper to gain an understanding of what we need to eat in order to achieve optimum health and wellbeing. The fact is, eating a healthy diet is not necessarily sufficient to achieve good health and longevity. [...]

The importance of micronutrients for metabolic health2024-02-13T13:02:10+00:00

Executive approach to your health


Take an ‘executive’ approach to managing your health via medical screening Every successful person knows that to build a business or to reach career and personal goals takes dedication, time, energy and modicum of stress. Furthermore, in order to maintain the desired level of success, we are happy to put in the hard work. Yet, [...]

Executive approach to your health2024-02-13T13:06:25+00:00

Why health screening is crucial: You are never too young to have a heart attack


It is true that heart attacks usually occur in patients aged over 45 years but younger people can to suffer a myocardial infarction. The Emergency Medical News states that the majority of clinical studies and medical guidelines are focused on older patients and there is limited data covering younger patients. Therefore, classic causes of acute [...]

Why health screening is crucial: You are never too young to have a heart attack2024-04-15T09:11:32+00:00

Why health screening is vital for taking care of your health


Taking care of your health can take many forms, from eating a nutritional balanced diet, taking regular exercise and minimising stress. However, it should also include preventative heath care such as medical screening. This is particular important as we get older, the simple fact is that many early deaths could be avoided by the early [...]

Why health screening is vital for taking care of your health2024-04-15T09:11:01+00:00
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