Why health screening is vital for taking care of your health

Taking care of your health can take many forms, from eating a nutritional balanced diet, taking regular exercise and minimising stress. However, it should also include preventative heath care such as medical screening. This is particular important as we get older, the simple fact is that many early deaths could be avoided by the early detection of disease, more specifically cancer.

Health screening (a full medical check-up) can detect any health issues before any symptoms are presented and if caught at this early stage offers a greater opportunity for successful treatment. Undertaking a routine Executive Health Imaging screening would detect issues, for example in the case of colon cancer, if a polyp is found it can be removed via a surgical procedure before it has the chance to become a cancerous growth.

Cancer screening

Cancer is one of the main health problems in the first world. The World Health Organisation database ranks colorectal cancer (CRC) as the third and second most prevalent cancer in males and females respectively, globally. In Spain, it is the second most common cancer for both sexes. A National Library of Medicine article reports that population-based cancer screening has shown a reduction in mortality from CRC.

The Spanish Ministry of Health used the World Breast Cancer Day this year (19th October 2022) to reinforce the importance of early diagnosis and treatment for all cancer. Confirming that early diagnosis via screening must continue to be the main element in the fight against the disease.

Heart health check

In the United States alone, heart disease is ranked as the leading cause of death across both sexes and all races. According to the Center for Disease Control and Prevention, every 34 seconds someone will die from cardiovascular related disease. Even more shocking, every 40 seconds someone has a heart attack, of which one in five are silent which means that it causes damage but the person is unaware that it has happened.

Even outwardly healthy people can suffer from what is often termed as the silent killer, high blood pressure or cholesterol. If these people were to have checked their blood pressure and levels of cholesterol regularly, they would have improved their chances of controlling or even reversing their condition, which could ultimately prevent the heart attack.

Medical screening may seem like a waste of time or a faff for those who feel healthy, but it could be the difference between catching a problem while it is treatable thereby preventing considerable discomfort, expense and in the worst-case scenario, a fatal outcome.

Executive Health Screening Offer

Executive Health is now offering a new medical screening service to all clients who have previously had the full Premium exam in the last two years. This examination is focused on the detection of cancer and designed for those who don’t want to have more regular check-ups, as it requires less time and preparation. The aim is to make sure you do not have any early-stage cancer which is not yet showing any symptoms, but if left untreated could be potentially detrimental to your health in the future.

If you would like more information about the range and benefits of Executive Health’s screening programmes, please visit the website, contact [email protected] or call or whatapp +34 670 674 246.